Laser Hair Removal

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Hal B. Wilson, M.D.

Primary Care Physician & Medical Aesthetic Practitioner located in Scottsdale, AZ

If you have unwanted body hair, you have a new option for permanent removal that’s pain-free and effective. Cosmetic lasers can now be adjusted to target hair follicles. Dr. Hal Wilson of Maxwell Medical Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, recommends laser hair removal for hormone issues that cause unwanted, coarse hair, or even for cosmetic purposes with normal body hair that you regularly remove with other means. Call the office or request an appointment online to start your laser hair removal program.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser energy uses a single wavelength of light, which can be adjusted to target specific colors. As you may know from observing the effects of sunlight on black surfaces, when a beam of light is absorbed by an object, it heats up. This effect can be narrowed to that single wavelength used by lasers. In the case of hair removal, the wavelength is tuned to best match your hair follicles.

This warming process gently boosts the temperature of the hair follicle to the point where its ability to grow hair is compromised. Over time, the hair falls out, and the follicle is reabsorbed by the body and no longer produces hair.

There’s little damage to the tissue around the follicle, since the laser targets only the hair follicle. Surrounding skin absorbs much less of this light energy, so therefore it doesn’t heat up as much as the follicle itself. In some cases, a combination of hair and skin colors may reduce the hair removal effect, so more laser treatments may be necessary.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need? 

Even if your hair and skin are a good match for the laser hair removal device, you’ll still need multiple treatments for the maximum permanent hair loss. Hair follicles are only vulnerable to laser warming through approximately one-third of their growth cycle. You never lose all your body hair at a single time, since not all follicles are on the same growth cycle.

Therefore, several treatments spaced weeks apart are the minimum for effective results. Dr. Wilson or a laser hair removal specialist on staff can give you a better idea once your skin and hair types have been evaluated.

What can I expect from a laser hair removal session?

Depending on the size of the area being treated, your session may last anywhere from a few minutes to about 30 minutes. The laser cycle feels like the snap of elastic against your skin. It’s not painful and is well tolerated by most patients. You can resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment.