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The annual physical may now be called a wellness visit. You may need some other type of physical, such as for sports participation or travel. No matter what the reason, you’re in good hands with Dr. Hal Wilson of Maxwell Medical Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. He can match your exam to you as a patient, meeting your health priorities with care and compassion. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

Complete Physicals Q & A

What happens during a complete physical examination?

There are many names for physical exams, such as an annual physical, comprehensive physical, wellness exam, but there are no defined standards for any of these. There are general practices that are usually included, and when you’re seeing your usual primary care physician, like Dr. Wilson, his familiarity with your overall health may lead to more customized physicals that feature the most appropriate questions, exams, and tests for your situation.

There are some generalities common to most physicals though. You’ll be asked questions about your health history, including health compromising lifestyle choices such as smoking, recreational drug use, as well as more everyday aspects including diet, exercise, stress, or changes to any of these. When you’ve built a relationship with Dr. Wilson, much of your long-term health history will already be known to him.

Your vital signs are usually taken, including pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature. Dr. Wilson gathers information simply by watching and chatting with you. Your appearance and mental acuity, and more importantly changes to these may provide clues about the presence or absence of health concerns.

Then there’s the round of standard physical exams, such as listening to your heart and lungs, and the familiar “say ah” procedure, part of a head and neck exam. Other tests include tapping of the abdomen, and other gender-specific exams, such as breast and pelvic exams for women and prostate and hernia checks for men. 

Are there different types of physical exams?

You may require physicals for reasons such as employment, immigration, sports participation, or other similar reasons. The requirements for these will vary, and often will not be as thorough as a complete physical.

Are wellness physicals important?

Ideally, your annual physical should happen even when you’re in the best of health. Prevention and screening are crucial to maintaining good health, particularly as you reach milestones such as adolescence and other age-related signposts. For example, at age 50, screening for colorectal cancer is typically started. Women over 40 should consider mammograms, and these should progress to annual checks by age 45. Dr. Wilson is well placed to advise you on the regular checks that offer the best defenses against the health risks you may face.