Lumecca is an intense pulsed light device (IPL) used to treat, among other things, dark skin spots from sun damage and also telangectasias which are visible blood vessels in the surface of the skin. Lumecca is similar to a laser in that it delivers energy to the skin. Lumecca, however, delivers a broad range of energy wavelength allowing it to treat a broader range of conditions, while a laser delivers a single wave length. Conditions treated by Lumecca include rosacea, dyschromia, large pores, scars, and other conditions. A typical treatment lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes. Immediately after treatment, the skin is frequently somewhat reddened with a darkening of dyschromias. The redness resolves within a few hours and the dyschromias exfoliate in about two weeks. The sensation experienced during a Lumecca treatment is similar to the snap of a rubber band against your skin and is well tolerated by most patients.

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