Fractora is a device that provides fractional ablation of the skin. Fractora is used to treat wrinkles, resurface and tighten skin, improve texture, increase collagen, eliminate or reduce pigmentary irregularitities, eliminate or reduce surface blood vessels, and provide a general skin rejuvenation in an anti aging fashion. Micro needles are used to enter the skin followed by a pulse of radiofrequency energy causing a fractional ablation of the skin. Because unablated areas of skin remain around the ablated areas, downtime is limited and recovery is hastened, representing a significant difference from full ablation procedures which can require weeks of downtime and recovery. Fractora offers a variety of treatment parameters that can be adjusted by the trained clinician to provide maximum benefit when treating the skin concerns of an individual patient. Topical anesthesia is provided pre treatment to ensure patient comfort. A Fractora course of treatment usually consists of three treatments spread over three to six months. An individual sesson lasts about thirty minutes with an additional approximate sixty minutes for application and absorption of the topical anesthesia. Post treatment, the skin is reddened and a visible grid of micro ablation areas is noted. Recovery is typically two to three days.


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