Forma is a radiofrequency device that delivers energy to the skin causing the skin to warm. This warming of the skin results in two effects on the collagen in the skin. First, the collagen already present in the skin tightens. Secondly, the warming also stimulates the collagen producing cells of the skin to produce more collagen. The end result is tighter skin delivered by a non-surgical modality. In addition to skin tightening, Forma treatment of the skin, by creating more collagen and improving the collagen already present, has a preventive effect delaying onset of loose, poor collagen quality, skin. Any area of the body can be treated with Forma. A treatment course of Forma consists of six sessions spaced one week apart, and each area treated requires about fifteen minutes. The face and neck are commonly treated together, with this treatment area consisting of four treatment zones, requiring approximately a one-hour session. After treatment, the skin area treated is somewhat red for about an hour. Forma is generally painless, with some patients reporting a sense of gentle warmth during the treatment session.

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