The Diolaze hair removal laser is an 810 nanometer wavelength laser that is highly effective in permanently removing unwanted hair.  The 810 nanometer wavelength specifically delivers energy that is absorbed into the hair follicle leading to destruction of the hair follicle resulting in no more hair growth.  Hair grows in three stages, anagen, catagen, and telogen with different individual hairs in different phases at any given time.  The anagen growth phase is when the hair is particularly sensitive to laser treatment as during this phase the laser energy is best absorbed into the hair follicle.  A Diolaze course of treatment consists of six different treatments done over six to twelve months.  The treatments are spaced out over time to allow the remaining hair to transition into anagen growth phase, when it is then most susceptible to Diolaze treatment.  The time needed for a treatment session depends on the area being treated. Common areas for hair removal are beard, underarms, back, pubic area, and legs.  The Diolaze laser has a built in cooling system that delivers both pre and post treatment cooling to the treatment area.  Topical anesthesia is often, although not always, used depending on patient preference. Diolaze delivers excellent results while also providing patient comfort.



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