BodyFx is a non-invasive body contouring device.  BodyFX uses a vacuum, radiofrequency, and a secondary energy pulse to target fat cells, cellulite, and loose skin.  The BodyFX device is placed directly on the treatment area where a vacuum is created between the device and the skin, pulling skin and fat tissue up into the device.  Radiofrequency energy is applied to heat this tissue and then a split second secondary pulse of energy is delivered and the vacuum is then released.  This short cycle is repeatedly performed on the treatment area.  The radiofrequency heats the skin which stimulates collagen production resulting in skin tightening. The energy pulse targets both the fat cell itself and the anatomical structures that cause cellultite. In a process known at apoptosis, small holes are created in the walls of the fat cell leading to the destruction of the fat cell and the leaking of fat out of the cell, which the body then re absorbs over time and eliminates.  The end result is permanent loss of fat and cellulite. Commonly treated areas are the lower or upper abdomen, buttocks, thighs, the bra line, the inner knees, sub mental area, and the upper arms.  A BodyFX treatment course consists of six treatments weekly for six weeks.  Each treatment lasts about fifteen minutes per treatment zone with two treatment zones done per session for a total of about thirty minutes required per session.  The treatment area is some reddened after treatment which resolves in about thirty minutes.  During treatment, patients feel the area being warmed and the delivery of the secondary energy pulse. No anesthetic is required. Energy settings are individualized to each patient to ensure comfort while also delivering results. 

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